My Faithful Travel Companion

I thought asking for a photo at a trad session would be strange, so here's one from Japan instead.

As a familiar Irish lilt comes to life in a pub in Sweden I have never visited, I want to cry. Instead I pick up my flute to join in.   This is the Irish trad (or traditional) session culture – all you need is a space (preferably a pub to quench the thirst), a… Continue reading My Faithful Travel Companion


Welcome feast. It's even vegan!

Nothing says välkommen quite like housemates who haven’t met you yet but all come out to pick you up at the airport anyway. You get back at 9pm, They show you around your room and the next day make you Swedish pancakes and smoothy for brunch. I’ll spare you the accommodation search saga for now… Continue reading Välkommen!


Image source: Auckland Folk Festival Programme

“Your ear is a muscle,” said Paul, the ukulele workshop tutor. To be alive is for the muscles of your ears to engage their most minute fibres to keep you balanced. Sometimes, you are a fiddler, balanced on a tightrope of septuplets and bodhrán with just enough give that you may make a calculated small… Continue reading Alive