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  • Here’s what I learned when the muckrakers united

    Here’s what I learned when the muckrakers united

    I stood or sat, phone in hand note-taking or exchanging contact info, in a sea of reporters listening to each other. I perched on cramped benches, sometimes on the floor, a chair if I was more punctual and decisive than usual about session selection.   There we were, 1700 investigative journalists, academics, non-profit directors, students,…

  • When in doubt, investigate

    When in doubt, investigate

    “You should study abroad,” they said. “It’ll be good for you.   My parents met when both were overseas, and I’ve been reminded more than once that without that prerequisite, neither I nor my brother would exist.   I’m not a chick reticent about fleeing the nest, but figuring out what I wanted to pursue…