Category: Summer 2018

  • Alive


    “Your ear is a muscle,” said Paul, the ukulele workshop tutor. To be alive is for the muscles of your ears to engage their most minute fibres to keep you balanced. Sometimes, you are a fiddler, balanced on a tightrope of septuplets and bodhrán with just enough give that you may make a calculated small…

  • Oh, yeah, the toothbrush

    Oh, yeah, the toothbrush

    It’s 10:54pm and my body is contentedly tired the way  it always is after a long, sunny day at the beach. I wander into the bathroom and become conscious of my presence there when I stick my hand into my toothbrush/toothpaste cup and discover the necessary items are not there. Of course they’re not, didn’t…

  • Soaring, Sliding, Skimming on a Wave

    Soaring, Sliding, Skimming on a Wave

    Whoosh! My ankles and core prepare as I adjust the buggy board in my hands for take-off. The anticipation is rising. I push lightly off from the sand and begin to flutter kick, hard. The water turns to foam under the top of the board,  just as I was hoping. My hands fasten more securely…

  • A package for Louis Braille on his 209th Birthday

    “Does ‘myf’ stand for ‘myself’”? I remember pondering as I turned the cardboard pages of the second book I’d read independently. Well, almost read. If I could be sure about this mysterious short-form, then I had nailed it. My Mummy was a great encyclopaedia about these things, even if she’d always have to go away…

  • For starters: a Decision

    I’ve been avoiding calling these two  moments–the one at halls and the other in Ana’s kitchen-dining room–beginnings outright, because they marked a beginning in a very round-about way.