I’m starting a podcast

An outlined globe features intersecting compass-like lines crossing at the centre. A red heart is overlayed on their midpoint. To the right of the globe are the words "DISABILITY Crosses Borders". "Disability" is capitalised and coloured in a rainbow array.

For disabled migrants and those living between cultures, too often our stories and rights are invisible in immigration conversations, and invisible in disability conversations.

Moving and living between places and cultures can be exhilarating and overwhelming, fruitful and stressful. When we add disability to the mix, it’s even more complex.

As a disabled migrant myself, I’m starting a new podcast and blog because I want this invisibility to change. The show is called Disability Crosses Borders and it’s a home for the stories where disability, migration and culture meet.

It includes summaries and transcripts for each episode.

Please check it out and subscribe.


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