Oh, yeah, the toothbrush

A green toothbrush

It’s 10:54pm and my body is contentedly tired the way  it always is after a long, sunny day at the beach. I wander into the bathroom and become conscious of my presence there when I stick my hand into my toothbrush/toothpaste cup and discover the necessary items are not there. Of course they’re not, didn’t I just get back from three nights away and neglect unpacking because there’s always, always tomorrow? I wander back to my room and pick up my phone. I scroll down Facebook. I click on something. I can’t tell you what it was because I don’t remember. It’s 11:10. I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I touch the empty cup, again.


I went to visit a Toastmasters club in my area yesterday. In the Table Topics, AKA short impromptu speeches, section, we heard a typical stockpile of responses about why summer holidays are good. They are relaxing, you can read, you can go to the beach, there’s an abundance of food and parties (this is Southern hemisphere Christmas/New Years after all), you don’t have to work, you can binge-watch Netflix, and on it went. The only downside one speaker offered is that summer holidays also attract crowds of unwelcome proportions everywhere one wants to go.

I think summer holidays are liberating because they let your mind wander and who knows what you could decide to do next. I think summer holidays are terror-inducing because they let your mind wander and who knows what you could decide to do next.



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